Our Services

It starts with a free phone consultation. We help you establish the entertainment needs for your event, and give an accurate quote. We'll share our expertise with you. We want to earn your recommendation! Even If we are booked on your date, we'll help you find the services you need. Contact us now.

When you do hire us for an event, we're committed to your event from the moment we book the party, until the last guest leaves. We meet with you to plan each detail. Musical selections, special announcements or ceremonies are prepared in advance. We'll provide whatever atmosphere you want.

The bottom line is; it is your party. If you want wacky, we go there . . . if you want subdued, we stay there.

We provide any music you can imagine. If it's on the radio, in the music store, at the clubs or if it ever was, it can be at your event. We have an unlimited selection.